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#24 Tip In Project – “Not My Home”

Hi, ladies! JoAnna here! Welcome to a new project! 

For Week 24’s tip in, we are working from Hebrew 13:14. It states: “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” 

The black and white sketch is below.
#24 Camper Sketch jpg
I am posting my completed project below, as well as the link to the graphic so you can print it on your home computer. Please feel free to be creative with my sketch! 

Click for Free Download Printable – “Not My Home”

I look forward to seeing everyone’s work, please post in the Tip In thread in the CBJ Facebook page >> Click to go to the June Tip In Corner
Many blessings!




Remember Tip-Ins Tips from Week 2:

You can free-hand this image and write the bible verse around it. OR you can print the free download printable and use that paper as your tip-in. OR you can print it out, and then use the “Graphite Method” (see website for instructions at >> http://wp.me/p7I46G-gI ) to transfer image directly onto your bible paper

Remember Tip-Ins Tips from Week 1:

Why use Tip-Ins? Answer: To add additional space for drawing/writing in your bible. Perhaps you don’t have a “journaling” bible, this is a way to add a drawing without actually drawing on the words of the bible paper. Perhaps you have already journaled on that page, or your illustrated bible already has a picture on that page that you want to use, you can just add a tip-in on top of that. 

Tip ins can be of any type of paper, card, photo, etc. that you want to include into your Bible. I, myself, have used sketch paper; tracing paper; copy paper; and, illustrated print offs. When using these, I cut them down to 5×7 or smaller. However, according to the size of your Bible, you can adapt your tip in to the desired size.

Also, there are several ways to adhere tip ins into the Bible… you can use Washi tape, adhesive or Elmer’s glue, to name a few.

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3 thoughts on “#24 Tip In Project – “Not My Home”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thx so much, Joanna!

    1. CBJ says:

      I’m glad you liked Joanna’s Tip In Project “Not My Home”. You didn’t sign in with your name, so we don’t know who you are. Hopefully you will let us know the next time you post here! Happy Journaling!

    2. CBJ says:

      I’m glad you liked this awesome Tip In of JoAnna’s. You didn’t sign in as yourself, so I don’t know who I”m chatting with LOL. If you did this tip in, please bring it over to the Facebook page to post in the Tip In thread. http://www.facebook.com/groups/CbibleJ/

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