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#7 Tip-In Project – Love

“Hi, ladies! JoAnna Goodman here, Your Tip-In Tutor!

For Week 7 tip in project, we’re focusing on love, in honor of Valentine’s week. With love, there must be trust. In Proverbs 3:5, it states: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”
I created this tip in on tracing paper. (see basic Tip-In Tips at the bottom) This puppy is too cute not to color. Have fun using your own color choices. I look forward to seeing everyone’s work! I have posted my completed tip in below. and here is the link for>> free Download Printable.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Blessings!

7 Puppy Tip-In jpg

7 Puppy Tip-In jpg

Click for Free Download Printable – Puppy Tip-In

You can free-hand this image and write the bible verse around it. OR you can print the free download printable and use that paper as your tip-in. OR you can print it out, and then use the “Graphite Method” (see website for instructions for that) to transfer image directly onto your bible paper

Remember Tip-Ins Tips from Week 1:

Why use Tip-Ins? Answer: To add additional space for drawing/writing in your bible. Perhaps you don’t have a “journaling” bible, this is a way to add a drawing without actually drawing on the words of the bible paper. Perhaps you have already journaled on that page, or your illustrated bible already has a picture on that page that you want to use, you can just add a tip-in on top of that. 

Tip ins can be of any type of paper, card, photo, etc. that you want to include into your Bible. I, myself, have used sketch paper; tracing paper; copy paper; and, illustrated print offs. When using these, I cut them down to 5×7 or smaller. However, according to the size of your Bible, you can adapt your tip in to the desired size.

Also, there are several ways to adhere tip ins into the Bible. . .you can use Washi tape, adhesive or Elmer’s glue, to name a few.

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