About CBJ

My name is Susan and I’m a born-again believer, living in Anchorage, Alaska.

I believe in the Bible, I live by the Bible, I read the Bible, but I had a hard time sinking into the scriptures just for the fun of it. Do you know what I mean? Well, the new trend of “Bible Journaling” will give you just that!

What’s in it for YOU, you may be asking….

Let me explain. Bible Journaling in it’s simplest form is writing/drawing in a journal/wide-margin bible your thoughts/feelings from a verse/portion of scripture. Think of it as combining 1. Note-taking, 2. Doodling and 3. Scrapbooking.

This blog is my way of sharing this newest treasure of Bible Journaling with YOU. We will be learning “unique techniques” and sharing the fun while Journaling thru our Journey! And don’t worry about “talent”, because everyone can enjoy meeting the Lord through Bible Journaling, no matter your skill level. And who knows, you will pick up a few skills along this journey with our Creative Bible Journaling Community here and on Facebook.