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Bibles – ESV

“in 2006, Crossways Publishing was the forerunner of the ESV Jounaling Bibles.”

The Journaling Bibles from Crossways are written in ESV, English Standard Version. Ten years ago, the main purpose was for sermon/study notes and was formatted as a standard double column black leather bible. Throughout the years they have changed their format and cover selection to match the trends of combining artwork with the scriptures. Their are many to choose from.


Bible Ad ESV Journaling Bible 1col jpg

ESV Single Column


Bible Ad ESV Journaling Bible 2col jpg

ESV Double Column


Bible Ad ESV Journaling Bible LARGE print jpg

ESV Single Column, Large Print


Bible Ad ESV Interleaved Black jpg

ESV Interleaved Bible



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3 thoughts on “Bibles – ESV

  1. Heidi Hirschbach says:

    This is the Bible I use. I LOSE the ESV translation. Now, everyone does things differently. But my rule is that I am not allowed to illustrate a page until I have read that page (easy to do in the single column style). That way I know that if there is an illustration, I have read that page. It’s a great way to make sure that I get through the WHOLE Bible without repeating pages over & over. This is, of course, just 1 way to do it. Do what works for YOU!

    1. CBJ says:

      Heidi, thanks for sharing a great idea. Simple enough 🙂

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