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Bibles – Illustrated Bibles

The 2016 trend in Journaling Bibles was “Illustrated Bibles”. And more are being published every couple of months.

The NLT Inspire Bible and the KJV My Creative Bible have approximately 400 images already drawn in the margins, ready for you to color. On the rest of the pages, there are 2″ Ruled Margins waiting for your own artwork or sermon notes. Both bibles come in hard cover as well as leather-like soft covers.

The Original Beautiful Word Bible has 500 full-colored illustrations and plenty of room for your own artwork as well. This bible comes in a variety of covers, both hard and soft. It also comes in NIV, KJV and nKJV translations.

The Beautiful Word “Coloring” Bible has 500 black and white illustrations ready for you to color. And there is plenty of room for your own artwork as well. This bible is only available in NIV Hard Cover.

NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible jpg

The Beautiful Word Bible

The Beautiful Word Bible

My Creative Bible

My Creative Bible

Bible Ad NLT Inspire Regular print jpg

NLT Inspire Bible

NLT Inspire Bible, LARGE Print

NLT Inspire Bible, LARGE Print

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Beautiful Word Coloring Bibles – NIV

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10 thoughts on “Bibles – Illustrated Bibles

  1. Jill Briscoe says:

    I bought a Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Teen Girls for my grand daughter’s Christmas gift – maybe this version could be added to your list? Also, is it possible for you to have associate membership with Book Depository? For those of us outside USA they offer free shipping and payment in our own currency. I have done a price comparison with Amazon this week (with their sale prices) and even with those huge reductions Book Depository is more cost effective – due to the free shipping.

    1. CBJ says:

      Jill, Yes, the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for TEENS is a great bible also. I will add that to my bible page here on the Resource Blog. “Book Depository”… I have heard of that site, but hadn’t thought of looking into it for an affiliate. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Di Macpherson says:

    I have a HCSB Notetaking Bible which has illustrations and I am looking for ideas in how to deal with the repetitions of patterned pages. Some of the illustrations are great and I love the version. I have also found some illustrations in the Beautiful Word Colouring Bible as very small. The Message Canvas Bible has different style of illustration. All are getting me into God’s Word.

    Do you have many followers from Australia. I have yet to meet anyone?

  3. Ing-Marie Koppel says:

    Concerning text sizes. Just writing “8 pt” for text size is not so
    clarifying as different fonts’ “8 pt” are different sizes.
    They should of course state Which font it is, not only
    the font size.

    1. CBJ says:

      I agree that different fonts do have various actual sizes. But for the most part they are just trying to help you decide if you can comfortably read each bible. I accidently ordered the tiniest size 7 pt type in my first journaling bible and had to send it back. So, that is why I have included all the info and photos of each bible in my bible comparisons. So, hopefully you can decide which one you feel will be the best for you. Which bible do you have by the way? Large Font or regular?

      1. Ing-Marie Koppel says:

        Regular, so far. But getting older now, so will buy Large font in future.

        1. CBJ says:

          I thought bi-focals at 39 years old would help, but now that I’m 52 everything is just getting SMALLER and DARKER. Joys of growing older.

  4. Lucinda B says:

    I have all of these and love both the Inspire and the My Creative Bible. I love having both some already drawn artwork to color and room for my own journaling. I find the paper a bit thin in the Beautiful Word Bible and would rather color my own pictures, thankfully the publisher has just released a Beautiful Word Coloring Bible that solves both issues. It has thicker paper and all the same artwork but as line drawings instead of full color versions.

    1. CBJ says:

      Lucinda, thanks for sharing about the Illustrated Bibles. Your Review will be valuable to all who read this! I’m glad you have pointed out the the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible is now out, which has the same graphics, just as black/white line art. Do you have the hard cover or soft cover Inspire and My Creative Bible? Do you notice that one may be better than the other for spending a lot of time drawing in?

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