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Can I Borrow Your Red?

“Guess Which One Doesn’t Belong?” – Jackie


You have a friend you do Bible Journaling with, or a church group, or more than one child at home that have some of the same pens, pencils and supplies. How great to work together while you discuss new techniques.

But I have an older set of pens and the ink is running low . . so I ask to borrow yours . . . and things go back and forth, and before we know it the same pens from 3 people are spread on the table and it is time to go home. Me, I should have thrown mine away long ago, but we are all tired so we all pick up one of each color.

Whether I feel guilt or glee when I get home it is obvious that I now have several new pens.

The solution is to get a set of enamel “Painter Pens” and paint the bottom of each pen, pencil etc. with “your color” . . .

Not quite as tacky as putting your name all over them, like t-shirts at camp . . “Mine – Leave it alone” . . . but an easy sorting helper . . . you grab the blue ones, I’ll grab the silver, etc. Pens with round caps get a couple rings all the way around, caps also .. . note the gold pen in the picture with a little silver flower on the side . . . Does not matter if it is a spot or a heart or a happy face or a line . . . Just make it clear that your color is your color and your friends pick their own color for their pens.

Can I borrow your red?


One thought on “Can I Borrow Your Red?

  1. Heidi Hirschbach says:

    LOVE this idea!!

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