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Christmas Ornament – Mini Bible

This “Mini Bible Christmas Ornament Project”
simple, fun and easy for all artistic abilities

It took Jackie just over 11 minutes, start to finish, to assemble this Mini Bible Christmas Ornament. We hope all of you will join in the fun.

Photo of finished tiny Bible Ornament.


Image of free printable.


“Demo Video” follows these “Complete Instruction” Photos


Image of printed project page

Whether you want to use our art (Top Left) or use your own reduced tip-in or personal doodle using the page template (Top Right) the first step is to print the FREE PROJECT PRINTABLE from the link above, on 20 lb. bond or photo paper.


Photo of cutting out the pages

Cut out the inside pages and the cover pages just to the inside of the black lines.


Photo of putting rubber cement on the back side of the pages

I used rubber cement on the back of the pages since it is easily repositionable, as long as you fold your pages immediately. You could also use repositionable glue stick. (see video below these instructions)


Photo of cover folded in half.

After putting glue on the back side of the cover paper, fold it in half, top to bottom. Use your fingers to press it together. Make sure the folded edge is crisp. (see video below these instructions)


Photo of trimming the cover

After you have glued and folded the cover you may see that you need to trim a bit more to make the cover look perfect.


Photo showing folding the cover.

Then fold the cover left to right and press the fold well. (see video below these instructions)


Photo showing how to fold the inside pages.

Follow the same steps for the inside pages: Put glue on the back of the paper; fold it in half top to bottom.


Photo of inside pages

Then fold in half right to left, so it looks like the inside of a book.


Photo of inside pages centered inside of the cover.

Line up the inside pages with the cover. At this point you could use a tacky glue to glue the inside pages into the cover, but it would not be as 3 dimensional.


Photo of stapling the inside pages into the cover.

The simplest method of getting the inside pages bound to the cover of the Mini Bible Christmas Ornament is to carefully line up the inside pages to the cover and staple the two together. (see video below these instructions)


Photo showing the stapled Tiny Bible Christmas Ornament.

I used two staples to fasten the inside pages to the cover. If you have a sewing machine handy you could use a cream colored thread and sew it together.


Photo of wrapping page around pen barrel.

If you have watch the video, you will see me rolling the cover and inside pages around a Sharpie pen barrel, one page at a time.


Photo of rolling inside page around pen barrel.

Roll each page separately. (see video below these instructions)


Photo of curreled pages.

Rolling the pages gives a much more “Book-Like” appearance.


Photo of poking a whole for the ribbon to hang the Tiny Bible Ornament with.

When making this, a toothpick was within arms reach and was faster than finding a hole punch. A hole punch would have been a little easier, but made a much larger hole. You need to think about how you are going to hang your Mini Bible to determine the size of hole you want and how you are going to make that hole. (see video below these instructions)


Photo of pulling the loop of ribbon through the hole.

I used a piece of 1/4″ wide red ribbon. You can use any kind of thin ribbon, string, unfolded paperclip or ornament hanger, new or recycled. Since my hole was tiny and the ribbon was 1/4″ wide, I pulled a staple out of scrap paper. (please watch video) Then slid the ribbon on one side of the staple and straightened the other side. I pushed the straightened side of the staple through the hole just like a needle and thread and gently pulled a loop of the ribbon through my Mini Bible. I discarded the staple and pulled the loose ends of the ribbon through the loop. (Watch the video if you haven’t already, it is much easier than it sounds).


Photo of finished Tiny Bible Christmas Tree Ornament

This is what my finished Mini Bible Christmas Ornament looks like. I could have embellished it it further, by retracing the black lines to make them bolder, using a glitter pen on the word Jesus and on the star above them or a wide variety of other artsy things, but as is, it is a cute little ornament !


Please join us in the Creative-Bible-Journaling Facebook Group to share your Christmas Tree Mini Bible Ornament, by clicking this link CBJ Facebook Group

May you have the Happiest of Holidays celebrating Christ’s birth!


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