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Drawing Room Tutorial #102 – Hearts (Filigree and Tangled)

Drawing Room Tutorials
#102a Filigree Heart #102b Tangled Heart


 Filigree Heart SQUAREDebbie Dodd here, with not just one, but TWO Drawing Lessons for this Valentine’s week. I bring you the “Filigree Heart” and the “Tangled Heart” designs, each with “9-step building instructions”. Simply add to your drawing with the next step, which is marked in RED. You too will be drawing these designer hearts in your bibles or anywhere else to share a moment of beauty and love.


Tangled Heart SQUARE

“The Drawing Room” is a new weekly Activity in the Creative Bible Journaling Community. Simply download and print your weekly project here on the CBJ Blog on Wednesdays, and then go to the Facebook page to post your work when done. Message Debbie Dodd anytime on Facebook with any questions.


Click for download printable #102a Drawing Room – Filigree Heart
Click for Download Printable #102b Drawing Room – Tangled Heart

Once you are done with your drawings, please post our Facebook group DRAWING ROOM THREAD…

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#102a Drawing Room - Filigree Heart





#102b Drawing Room - Tangled Heart



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