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Kids Club 2018 Open House

Hello and welcome to the 2018 KIDS CLUB Party.

We are soo excited you are here with us today. And even though this Party was previously held in our  CBJ’s Facebook KIDS CLUB on Saturday, February 3, 2018… you are welcome to join us today, right where you are…

Just read through this Blog Post, click on the blue link to download Printables , print, color and have fun. When you are finished, please click this blue link to go to the CBJ’s Facebook KIDS CLUB to post your page and/or photos and to meet the other kids in our Journaling Club.


I have THREE activities for you to pick up on this blog post to play this afternoon. Please post them to the Facebook Kid’s Club Party when you are finished.

Ready, Set, Go!!!


Please print out the “Someone In Common” page, fill in the left side with YOUR information, take photo, and post your page. THEN, once these start coming in from the other kids in the club, please look through their papers to find someone who has something in common with you. Write their names down on the right side of your paper. THEN post about it in the facebook group. (if your mom can’t print out the PDF file, she can just write the answers on regular paper and post.)

Click for download printable of Kid’s Club “Something in Common” Activity

Activity #2… COLORING PAGE. Your next activity is to go get the Coloring Page that was designed by Hilary A. Greenwald. Do you see anything similar to this page and you? That’s right, Ms Hilary drew this picture of Ms Cindee, you kids, and your parents. Pretty cool huh? Please print out this PDF file for this page as well. If your mom can’t print it out, ask her if she could simply draw this page on plain paper so you can still color it. Please ask your mom to take a selfie of you coloring the page. THEN WHEN YOU’RE FINISHED… please post your work on our facebook group. CBJ Facebook KIDS CLUB

Click for Download Printable Kid’s Club Coloring Page

Activity #3… YOUR BIBLE. Please ask your mom to take a selfie of herself, you and your bible, and post it in the Facebook group. CBJ Facebook KIDS CLUB  If you don’t have a bible yet, look through the list of bibles and see which one you might like.

We hope you have as much fun doing these activities, as the staff enjoy’s seeing you doing them. Please ask any questions you or your mom might have.

See you back at the threads 🙂

If you are interested in ordering these bibles or anything from Amazon.com, please click on any of these ads to be directed to their site. Any purchases, while there, will give us a 5% bonus, at no extra cost to you. This will help fund the CBJ ministry here on the web. Thanks ~ Susan





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