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Share Your Heart… While Sharing Your Art!

Share your heart

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This space is for YOU, the Facebook Groupies of CBJ. This blog is where all our resources are. The Facebook Group is where all the fun happens. We are a group of 900 ladies (would love to have some gents join us too) who share all things Bible Journaling in a fun venue on Facebook. We not only share our ART with each other, we share our HEART also. I would love for all of us to comment below and  finish a few of these sentences.


   >>what it means to me?

   >>what it’s doing for me?

   >>how God is revealing himself to me?

   >>how it has changed my bible study?

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18 thoughts on “Share Your Heart… While Sharing Your Art!

  1. JoAnna Goodman says:

    I had reached a standstill in my life. . .wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good, either. Then I discovered Bible journaling and was thrilled! Within a few months of journaling, I joined this group and have never looked back! My days now seem to have a ‘purpose’. I so enjoy this way of digging into God’s word and to be able to share that with ladies from all over the globe is so fulfilling! This group has been a blessing to me!

    1. CBJ says:

      JoAnna, And you, sweet JoAnna, are a blessing to me and everyone in CBJ

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bible journalling to me did mean fear of making a mess,so I’ve stuck to colouring books & a few tip-ins,but now I have seen so many pictures off others work I can’t wait to get my inspire psalms & journalling new teastment back from my friend with the covers she is making so I can get started,& hopefully leave my need to be perfect behind as there are always girls ready to give advice on how to cover up a mistake 🙂

    1. CBJ says:

      Thanks for sharing from your heart. I’m thrilled that our examples, both physically and emotionally has helped you want to jump in for more creativity in your bible journaling! 🙂 I’m sorry I dont’ know who you are because you posted as “anonymous”

  3. kim Guined says:

    I like to journal, I journal my thoughts an what I believe God is showing me when I read the bible. I also write down when I have a dream an look it up in the bible, and when I wake up with a verse in my mind. I think coloring the verses in the journaling bible helps you learn them.

    1. CBJ says:

      Kim, thanks for sharing from your heart 🙂 Sounds like you have the whole “journaling your heart” under control. I have often tried to keep a journal in the past, and it was so hard to stick with it. I agree that coloring verses helps you learn them.

  4. Cynthia Trowbridge says:

    This morning as I was driving to work I was in awe of the beautiful sky…dozens of shades of blues rippled through the sky. I thought I wish I could somehow capture the beauty that my Lord had prepared for me, this vision of His Glory. I wish I could paint this, journal this marvelous view that was before me. I felt so close to Him at that very moment. That’s what journaling is for me moments of closeness to my Jesus!

    1. CBJ says:

      Cynthia! What a wonderful connection between God’s Creation and the closeness you feel to Jesus while you are journaling!!! Thanks for sharing. And you know what? You CAN capture the next moment like this! Here is a great idea… take a photo with your smart phone of the next marvelous moment like this. Then print it out, either at your local Walmart or at your own home. Then use that photograph as a TIP-IN in your bible! or use several other methods to transfer the image onto your bible page! Stick with us and we will show you all kinds of techniques!!

  5. Lisa says:

    I am new to bible journaling, however I have been writing for many years in a journal. I am a poet and artist. I developed my style of art after the loss of an important person in my life. I made a choice to grieve through a positive means and I spent a lot of time with God and a paintbrush music, dance, tears, laughter and I emerged on the other side joy filled and Christ filled. I am a 3 time stage 4 cancer survivor and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than immersed in scripture I have so much to learn but I am seeking with a whole heart?

    1. CBJ says:

      Lisa, Thanks so much for Sharing your Heart here in the CBJ Blog. I know others will be blessed by your testimony and find hope that you “emerged on the other side joy filled and Christ filled”. That is what we all want when we go through tough times, but to know that you actually DID it, gives us hope that we can to. I’m enjoying getting to know you as we Share our Art and Share our Heart!

  6. Tammie says:

    I have been interested in art my whole life and my Mother greatly encouraged me forward. But Bible Journaling is different than anything I’ve EVER done. I had never heard of it till several months ago. I instantly was interested. I’ve been a follower of Jesus since a child old enough to understand anything about Him. When I first heard about Journaling I was so enthusiastic! The idea of combining art and coloring together with the Bible left me in a place where I couldn’t get involved quick enough. It started with the INSPIRE Bible and coloring to now making my own version of a decorated journal to record thoughts and record thoughts. I collect clip art and now have a place to use it. Journaling has brought me closer to our Lord in ways I would find difficult to explain. What a blessing to combine my two favorites, the Lord and art. It has made been more enthusiastic about the Bible. When I take a Scripture verse, contemplate on to and work in the art, it gives me a wonderful feeling of time spent with our Lord. Bible Journaling has changed my life and brought me closer to God!

    1. CBJ says:

      Tammie, thanks for sharing your heart over here in our blog. I can relate with the enthusiasm of combining art and scripture. I like how you describe it… “take a scripture verse, contemplate on it and then WORK IN THE ART”. It really does make it seem more like time well spent with God because it is more interactive, utilizing more of our senses. Again, thanks for sharing from your heart Tammie!

  7. Jayne says:

    Bible journaling has been a way for me to get closer to God and to really start to read more of the bible and really start learning the scriptures. I have had some changes in my life and I feel that I need the Lord in my life more than ever. Focusing on the scriptures and the art in my bible is helping me in so many ways. I feel closer to God and feel like he is encouraging me and letting me know that everything will be ok.

    1. CBJ says:

      Jayne, thanks for sharing your heart! reading the bible more, Learning the scriptures, and getting closer to God… in that order is what Bible Journaling is all about. I’m thrilled you feel His Encouragement during/through your time focusing on your bible art.

  8. Bible Journaling means several things to me. Most of all it has given me a way to connect to art, journaling, and the Word in an enjoyable non-threatening forum. When I discovered the Inspire Bible, and then several Bible Journaling groups, it was a great thing. 3 years ago I suffered a TBI and it made my life crazy. I forgot how to read, my world was upside down, and my livelihood no longer existed. The hobbies I loved didn’t interest me at all. Bible Journaling became a life saving endeavor for me in so many ways. I am sooooo much better and God has blessed me throughout this journey, but Bible Journaling has gotten me into the Word in an extremely personal way, even better than before, and I’m so thankful for the many women I’ve met through this amazing new and creative Bible outlet!

    1. CBJ says:

      Thank you for sharing your heart Kathe. I’m happy that you found Bible Journaling and God has given you new direction to share in the faith.

  9. Nioka says:

    As I journal a verse that speaks to me, it helps that verse stick with me quicker.

    1. CBJ says:

      Nioka, thanks for sharing your heart. For sure, everything we spend time on stays with us better.

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