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Supplies – PENS For Bible Journaling

“I have found if I have these three sets of PrismaColor Pens, I have everything I need… A package of black pens with various tips, a package of primary colored pens with Fine Tips and a package of primary  colored pens with Brush Tips. All of these pens I am recommending have no bleeding, even on Bible Paper. (has “ghosting” but no bleeding through)” – Susan, CBJ

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5 thoughts on “Supplies – PENS For Bible Journaling

  1. Betty Bown says:

    At nearly £45 for the prisma premier fine liners from amazon UK that is far beyond my means for a set of pens !

    1. CBJ says:

      Betty, depending on what set of PrismaColor products you were looking at, the price varies. I went to Amazon.co.uk and found the same set that I use from Amazon.com in the USA
      Sanford Prismacolor Marker Set 7/Pkg-Mixed Tips – Black
      UK Price: £23.92 & FREE Delivery in the UK.
      USA List Price: $20.19
      USA Sale Price: $15.24
      So, except for the fact that Amazon USA is running a sale on these pens, the prices are about the same.

      Please let us know if you have any questions about supplies or anything else.

  2. Nioka says:

    I’m scared to try pens due to NOT wanting the bleed thru. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. CBJ says:

      Nioka, all the pens in this “suggested supply list” will not bleed through bible paper. (they will “ghost”, but not bleed through the paper. I have used all of these.

      The two BEST ways to deal with “not knowing” how any media reacts to your bible paper…
      1. Use your concordance in the back of your bible to try out new media.
      2. Buy a used bible at a local thrift store and use that as “practice paper”

  3. Susan says:

    The Uni-ball Metallic Gel Pens are great. They roll super smooth with strong color and metallic, how can you go wrong! I used the three colors above (gold, silver, white) in the “Project #1 Butterfly Stencil” and was very Pleased.

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