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YouTube Video Playlist, Automatically plays ALL videos

The CBJ Playlist will automatically play all of our videos, one after another. Just sit back and enjoy!

If there are any annoying advertisements before our wonderful videos, please let them play. Like everywhere else, where there are ads watched, there is opportunity for advertising cents to be earned. – Thanks, Susan


4 thoughts on “YouTube Video Playlist, Automatically plays ALL videos

  1. Heidi Hirschbach says:

    Looks like the YouTube channel is Brainstorm Sisters. Is that correct? Are there other channels, too?

    1. CBJ says:

      Heidi, Yes, Jackie and my YouTube channel is “Brainstorm Sisters”. We have 2 Playlists, one is Creative-Bible-Journaling and the other is Genealogy-GenCrafts. We may change this in the future to be “Creative-Bible-Journaling” Channel. But for now, we have the combined channel.

  2. Renée Benson says:

    I absolutely love this technique! I’ll use it in my journaling bible and in my bullet journal. I seem to need to decorate everything! Hey, question if there is anyone who lives inn the Green Valley, AZ area can you let me know? I’m new here and looking for a place to worship. I’m not on Facebook for another little bit. So if someone could email me, that would be great.

    Renée 😀

    1. CBJ says:

      Renee! looks like you might have watched all the videos on the playlist? Which Technique were you specifically talking about? Ah, you dec the pages of your bible and a bullet journal? I havent seen a bullet journal before. Is it like a daytimer/calendar or journal for your thoughts?

      Let’s see, Arizona… the only person I am aware of is Sybil Smith in Phoenix, which is 125 miles from you. Sybil and her husband, Tim Smith are the pastors at The Salvation Army Corps in Phoenix. They just moved there this summer, before that they were MY pastors here in Anchorage, AK. Sybil is who allowed me to start Bible Journaling at our church and is a wonderful women of God. If you are ever in Phoenix, you let me know.

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