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#6 Tip-In Project – “Mrs. Slowpoke”

“Hi, ladies! JoAnna Goodman here, Your Tip-In Tutor. 

Most of us seem to have had that moment when we get angry too quick, but the Lord wants us to be slow to speak and slow to anger.

In (ESV) James 1:19, it states: Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.

Tip Tin Turtle

For Week 6’s tip in project, I am using a tag. Have fun with Mrs. Slowpoke!  I look forward to seeing everyone’s work! I have posted a photo of my completed tag, I added pattern paper to the back and a great color ribbon! and, here is the link for the free printable:……

Click here for Free Download Printable – Mrs. Slowpoke

You can free-hand this image and write the bible verse around it. OR you can print the free downloadable printable and use that paper as your tip-in. OR you can print it out, and then use the “Graphite Method” (see website for instructions for that) to transfer image directly onto your bible paper

Remember from Week 1:

Tip ins can be of any type of paper, card, photo, etc. that you want to include into your Bible. I, myself, have used sketch paper; tracing paper; copy paper; and, illustrated print offs. When using these, I cut them down to 5×7 or smaller. However, according to the size of your Bible, you can adapt your tip in to the desired size. Also, there are several ways to adhere tip ins into the Bible. . .you can use Washi tape, adhesive or Elmer’s glue, to name a few.

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