About CBJ

Two Sisters from Alaska Create the Community of
Creative-Bible-Journaling, both On-Line and On-Location

Susan…”I have always believed in the Bible, lived by the Bible, read the Bible. In the year 2015, I had a hard time sinking into the scriptures just for the fun of it.”

Jackie… “I have always loved creating art, all kinds of arts, all kinds of crafts. By the year 2015, my multi-media art supplies had taken over several craft rooms, and I needed a focus to my art endeavors.”

And just like chocolate got in the peanut butter to make Reeses Cups… Susan’s Bible got into Jackie’s Art, or perhaps Jackie’s Art got into Susan’s Bible? Hmmm, the outcome is Creative-Bible-Journaling which they both love and want to share with you!
James 4:7a says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” And what better way to “draw’ than to… “draw”! The CBJ DIFFERENCE is making a difference in the lives of those who want to connect with God’s Word through the art of Bible Journaling. The Creative Bible Journaling staff continually work together to provide a fun and purposeful virtual environment which resembles various stations in an art studio. Whether a beginner or experienced in the bible or in the arts, each CBJ member can learn and use the unique techniques and step-by-step lessons that are presented on a daily basis.`

Creative Bible Journaling was created for three reasons…

First, to gather all those who want to be creative in their bibles, but feel they are not “good enough”. Most of you can relate to this analogy: As a mom, you always put your kids’ artwork on your refrigerator door, right? You never question their abilities or their intentions and are never embarrassed by their scribbles. Well, guess what? ALL YOUR ART IS ALWAYS GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOD’S FRIDGE! NO MATTER WHAT!

Secondly, to provide a place for them to creatively bible journal, to learn new techniques, excell in creativity and to want to share with others who know and respect them as Children of God, not as artists. This “place” is the CBJ Community, located online as a Facebook Group, Website, Youtube Channel, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as monthly classes on-location in Anchorage, Alaska.

Thirdly, to provide various weekly activities, lessons and projects that every member can do and enjoy, no matter their skill level. Most of these activities will have step-by-step instructions or download printables to work from.

“2019… COVER-TO-COVER One Book at a Time”
CBJ is spending the year of 2019 journaling the journey of the entire bible, going from front cover to back cover and all the books in between. Each week will be filled with videos, scripture writing, coloring pages, traceable elements, verse mapping. drawing lessons, lettering lessons and other activities all focusing the “feature book of the week” WAIT THERE’S MORE…Visit all of our activities at www.Creative-Bible-Journaling.com