12 Activities To Choose From
Most with Download Printables

Creative-Bible-Journaling Activities
For all ages and skills levels!


Artsy Devos

Combining art and devotional thoughts. Check out the devo books we are using here in the C


Hand Lettering

Each week we teach step by step hand lettering fonts.

Hymns & History

Using a hymnal or printed sheet music, you can illustrate old time hymns of the church.

Verse Mapping

What are the directions to Verse Mapping? Follow our 9 steps!

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c2c Drawing Lessons

Following Debbie’s step-by-step tutorials, you will be amazed at the drawings you create! You can include your drawing in your bible each week.

c2c Elements for
Tip-In / Trace-Ins

Using Jackie’s original Artwork available in Digital Download, you can add her delightful Elements to any bible. Trace Them, Tip Them, Draw Them, Use Them, Think Outside the Box with CBJ Elements! 

c2c Lettering Lessons

Learning a new lettering style each week is simple and satisfying with Debbie’s unique teaching methods. try you hand at handlettering today.

c2c Books of Bible Art Collection

Coloring Hilary’s spectacular full page art, available as Digital Printables, you can easily add these images to every book of your bible or journaling notebook. 

c2c Video Showcase

Weekly c2c Video Synopsis

c2c Scripture Writing

Daily Verses, With a Planner

c2c Verse Mappings

Weekly Verses, With Bookmark

c2c Illustrated Bible Club

Weekly Coloring

Hymns & History

Weekly Hymnal Journaling


Daily Devos, With a Planner

Prayer Room

Join us for Prayer, With Planner

Kids' Club

Bible Journaling just for them!