CBJ Lettering Lessons

ANNOUNCING… CBJ Lettering Lessons starts Monday, November 7th. No experience needed. Everyone can participate. I have always wanted to teach a Lettering Class and so now is the time to begin. WHO IS READY?

Supplies needed: Pencil, lined paper (either notebook paper or graph paper, I prefer a spiral notebook) and a few good new erasers. Trust me, a good eraser will soon be your best friend! (any eraser will work as long as it’s new, if it’s been sitting around in a junk drawer for a year, it’s not going to work as hard as you need it to.)

Lessons: Each week will be a different lettering style and I will post daily lessons. In the beginning of the week we will start with the alphabet and by the weekend you will be able to hand-letter a nice headline in your bible.

Web-Site: The lessons will be stored here on the CBJ website (like the Scripture writing challenge) and I will post links in the Facebook group, and we can share there (just like the scripture writing)

Sign-Ups: Please sign up on Monday for that week’s class, and plan on working alittle every day for the week you sign up. Sign ups will be on a¬†Facebook thread. If you aren’t a member of our group there, please join to benefit from all the discussions at www.facebook.com/groups/CbibleJ/

Monday, November 7th.

First day’s assignment: sign-up on this thread, get a pencil, pad of paper and erasers and be ready for Tuesday’s first class!