Jackie's Hey Noah, Build a Boat Bible Journaling

Jackie’s “Hey Noah… Build a Boat Bible pages”

April 17, 2016, Anchorage, Alaska…. The ladies from the “The Salvation Army’s Alaska CBJ Group” celebrated the rain and rainbows of spring by working on their version of Noah and the Ark, entitled “Hey Noah… Build a Boat”.

Noah’s Ark Foam Stickers

The class started with a set of Noah’s Ark Foam Stickers, which we used as stamps.

Stickers Noah

Foam stickers  from the Noah’s Ark Set

Inking stamps

Gwen “inking” stamp with Target Brand Watercolor Gel Pens









Stamped Lion with indented detail.


Jackie demonstrated that by pressing hard with a ball point pen along the details of the foam sticker, the details would show on the paper by not picking up the ink on the indented lines. Successful stamping of a lion above. Notice the detailing created by the indention left by the ball point pen






Foam Shaped Stickers on an old CD case, ready for inking

If you want to assemble the foam shapes on an old CD cover before hand, that may be helpful. You then use the water color gel crayons or medium of your choice to ink up the stamps on the plastic cover.







Getting the animals in the bibles

We used a variety of different medium to transfer the images on to our bible pages. (Brush Markers, Target water-color gel crayons, Faber-Castell Gelatos, and tracing with pencils were used and then the detail work with Fineliner PrismaColor Pens and Pencils). Putting a piece of thin craft matt under your page is suggested to protect the other pages.

Gwen stamping an elephant for the Noah's Ark page

Gwen position carefully


Julia detailing her Noah’s Ark with PrismaColor Pencils


Gwen pressing her stamp.

All animals 2 by 2 getting on Noah's Ark

2 by 2, the animals went.








The cover up of a drop of red ink with a white dove

Jackie stamping Noah's ark collection

Jackie stamping her Noah’s Ark collection


The White Dove “Cover Up”

While Jackie was working on her project, she accidentally dripped a small drop of red paint right in the middle of the page. So, using opaque white paint to cover the red, she then drew a white dove over it. Presto, problem solved.


Some of The Class’ Finished Pages

Within the group of ladies, everybody used the same foam shapes in a different creative way. Some used them as stamps using  Faber-Castell Gelatos as the “ink” (we haven’t found any stamp pad ink that honestly doesn’t bleed through, unless you prepare the page with gesso the day before). Some ladies traced the shapes with pencil and then filled them in with colored pencils. Everyone used Prismacolor colored pencils for detailing and Prismacolor Illustrator pens for outlining, to make the shapes pop. See bottom of post for product details.


Susan traced the stickers instead of stamping because she was worried about stamp ink going through the page.    Noah's Ark

Julia's-Bible-Gods-Promise Susan's-Bible

Extra doodling embellishments after Noah got back to dry land

Extra doodling embellishments after Noah got back to dry land








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