“The number one way to preserve flowers and foliage is with a phone book. Yes, you heard me right! So instead of throwing that archaic phone book in the trashcan, bring it to the table to preserve flowers.” – Susan

STEP 1 – CHOOSE: Flowers are all around us, but it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out which ones are best for pressing. In my experience the flat-petaled small flowers, such as the yellow flowered shrub, are the easiest to press flat. The flowers with the fat/thick bottoms, such as Petunias work well only if you cut that bottom part off so the connected petals can dry. The more unique flowers, such as the Red Spiky Coneflower can make spectacular dried flowers if you pluck the petals and dry individually.

Small Yellow Shrub Flower

Small Yellow Shrub Flower

Flower Red Petals Banner jpg

Unique Petals can give fabulous results

STEP 2 – PLACE: Gently place a few flowers (petal side down) on a page in the phone book. A craft spatula may be helpful in keeping the petals flattened while you carefully turn 10+ pages over on this first layer of flowers. Repeat several layers throughout the phone book, being aware that too moist of flowers or too many of flowers may not dry throughly. If you have large rubber bands, it is a great idea to put four of them around the phone book to help keep it tightly closed. Put the phone book under something heavy and leave for a few days.

Flower going into Phone Book

Phone Book Covering Flower

STEP 3 – REMOVE: A craft spatula and tweezers are very helpful with removing the dried flowers/foliage from the phone book. If the petals are squished to the paper and hard to remove, carefully slide the spatula under a petal and release gently. Remove all flowers and place on card stock to store in plastic storage bins or scrapbook paper containers.

flower spatula

Lifting Flowers with Craft Spatula

Click here to view YouTube Video “#3A How to Press Flowers”

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Picking flowers/foliage at the PEAK of the growing season is very important for best color and texture. Also if you don’t have access to fresh flowers, you can go to a the floral department of a grocery store and buy a “mixed bouquet” for under $10, which will give you many varieties to dry and press.

So, now that you know this simple process, you can snatch up some of those tiny blooms before autumn takes them from you. And then you have what it takes to go to the next project, just click on the link below.

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