Bible Journaling Workshop Led by Jackie & Susan

The Salvation Army Alaska Divisional Family Camp 2016

July 30, 2016, Kings Lake Camp, Wasilla, Alaska

Susan and Jackie






Jackie and Susan led a Bible Journaling Workshop for The Salvation Army Family Camp this summer. This workshop was broken into three sections and was enjoyed by over twenty people from six Alaska cities.

Jackie taught the group how to do “Tangle Art” for a Cup Project. She explained how a “Tangle” is a few lines, drawn in sequence, to make a drawing which looks complicated, but yet is very easy to do. The first cup design used John 3:16 with a heart shaped globe. The Tangle art was a series of people, hand in hand. Major Joe Murray made his people dressed in traditional “Tlingit Button blanket”. After the artwork was done, the trimmed paper was inserted inside a plastic cup. This is a project that you can use to “Share your art, Share your heart”. The idea is you can casually carry this bible journaled  “water bottle” type cup to your place of work, school or play as both an evangelism tool or as a conversation starter for Bible Journaling.

Susan explained the concept of Bible Journaling and shared many examples, with the help of Major Cindy and Major Leanne, walking around with two different kinds of bibles for everyone to see. This created a lot of excitement, but unfortunately, we ran out of time to actually do the bible page. So everyone went home with the pieces and parts of how to complete the page on their own. 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you” was the scripture chosen. Being Alaskans, I made the graphics for tracing of a fishing pole and the typed scripture in a nice font. All they had to do was put this graphic underneath the page of 1 Peter 5:7 and trace the image and words, then color them with colored pencils or pens.

After lunch, Susan and Jackie provided an invitation for free-time projects. This time Jackie worked with Tina and Ruth from the Mat-Su Corps, with a “flower Tangle” for another cup. Susan worked with Lt. Heather Romero on the basics of Bible Journaling, so she can share this unique activity back in Cordova. There was even time for Heather to do the page that was prepared for that day’s workshop.  So, Heather was able to do both the Cup Project and the Bible Journaling page at Camp.

Everyone had fun at the Bible Journaling Workshop at this year’s Family Camp, and I’m sure we will be back here next summer. Hope to see more of you there! Until then, check out our blog at for lots more ideas and projects for Bible Journaling.

Susan Teaches Bible Journaling Jackie teaches Tangle Art

working on project

Patrick from Kenai and Ruth & Tina from Mat-Su Corps, working diligently on their artwork for the Cup Project.

Cups are Complete

Tina, Joe and Ruth show us their artwork & projects. Everyone enjoyed making unique cups in the class.