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CBJ Project #4, Transferring Images 101: Graphite Pencil

Susan… “I have a great piece of clip art that I want to use, how can I transfer it to a page in my bible without drawing it by hand?”

Jackie… “It’s simple, grab your graphite pencil and I will show you!. This method works so well, you will be amazed you haven’t transferred images all along!

7 Simple and effective steps to transfer images using a Graphite Pencil

  1. Find/Size/Print/Copy the image you want to transfer (either with a laser jet printer or ink jet printer)
  2. Turn the paper over and rub the back of the drawing with your Graphite Pencil, this is called “carboning” the surface.
  3. Cut the image out of the paper to make placement more accurate
  4. Place image (graphite rubbed side down) where you want to transfer it.
  5. Simply trace the original lines of the image with a sharp pencil or ball-point pen.
  6. The graphite that you rubbed on the back of the paper will lightly appear on your bible page.
  7. Retrace with your favorite no-bleed pen/pencil
Graphite Transfer - Springy Arrow

Graphite Transfer – Springy Arrow

Graphite Transfer - Corkscrew Arrow

Graphite Transfer – Corkscrew Arrow




Graphite Transfer - Flower

Graphite Transfer – Flower

Graphite Transfer

Graphite Transfer – Sign Post



Click on the image below to download your Free Printable – Flower Artwork


Free Download Printable – Flower, Project #4

Click on the image below to download your Free Printable – Arrow Artwork

Free Printable Arrow Artwork PDF

Free Printable Download – Arrow Artwork PDF


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6 thoughts on “CBJ Project #4, Transferring Images 101: Graphite Pencil

  1. Cathy says:

    This sounds and looks so easy! I will have to purchase a graphite pencil, now I have graphite paper is it more difficult to use or leave smudges? I am looking forward to the new class I need so much help. I am getting ready to order some bible tabs, any favorites worth mentioning?Thanks so much

  2. Darlene says:

    awesome thank you, ill just habe to go get a graffite pencil & try it, can i get a printed page of the flower & the othets you show on here i dont have axcess to a printer

    1. CBJ says:

      Great Darlene, I’m glad you found the project. I will have the printed graphics at church tomorrow if you are there, if not I can leave you a copy there for when you do get back there on Wednesday or whenever. Watch the two videos and try it out. This is the easiest way to transfer a line art drawing into your bible. I’m looking forward to seeing your page.

  3. Who would have known how easy it was to transfer our favorite line art perfectly !!

    1. CBJ says:

      Jackie, absolutely! Thanks for teaching me this easy technique!

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