As a stretch to your imagination, consider stretching reality.

Dangling and Tangling are a moderately new imaginative art style that combines doodling and drawing to add personal style to any illustration.

Different artist incorporate dangles using their own styles. I incorporate many styles of dangling to my art depending on what I am illustrating.

The point of this post is to get you to see something inspirational and then make it your own. Push it or pull it until it fits YOUR imagination. You don’t ever have to look at something and use it in the same fashion that the original artist intended.

I saw an illustration on Pinterest that incorporated elongated raindrops and I immediately pictured them with more stylized clouds to use with Genesis chapters 6 & 7 to illustrate Noah and the ark, drifting in 40 days and 40 nights of rain.

I drew the design on paper and then traced it into the interleave Bible. I outlined the art with a .01 Pigma Micron pen and used Prismacolor colored pencils to color it in. I included twirly embellishments to the raindrops that I learned from Joanne Fink’s style and used a swirly tangle I learned at a Zentangle class for the clouds.

Illustration of Noah's ark floating in the rain

Genesis Chapters 6 & 7

While working on the full paged version I started thinking about using buttons for the clouds to make more of a “Country Quilt” look. My favorite part of this page was the yellow rubber duckies floating on the water.

Illustration of the Ark floating in a rain of colorful raindrops and button clouds.

I put some of the Pinterest Links I used for inspiration for this artwork in a folder, CLICK HERE

What modifications to these rain drop dangles would you make?

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