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What we want to show you on this post are a couple methods to Embellish ANY font to make it your own.

In Lettering Lesson 7 Susan showed you  how to take a thin font and make it bold simply by using a bolder pen.

1 Bold Outline Step 1.jpg 1 Bold Outline Step 2.jpg

Then we showed you that if you take a thin lined font, traced over with a heavy marker, all you had to do was trace around that font and you would have a spread outline font. Quick and easy.

1 Bold Outline Step 3.jpg 1 Bold Outline Step Word Art.jpg

Click for Step 1 of Bold Outline

Click for Step 2 of Bold Outline

Click for Step 3 of Bold Outline

Click for Word Art of Bold Outline

With Fine, Bold and Spread outline the variations are endless, And Embellishments are only limited to your imagination.

In this lesson, we will be using various weights and styles of the same font to add interest and color, as well as a simple way to make quick and easy curved words.

As an example we are going to do a Mother’s Day Card

Photo of Mothers Day Card

Note the embellishments based on the lettering styles from Lesson #7 Kindness.




Photo of the word HAPPY

Note the word “Happy” is very similar to the standard “Kindness” Font. However, the lower lines of the H and end of the descender on the Y have been engorged with green, to appear as leaves and the cross bar of the H has been embellished with a poppy.

Photo of the word mother

The word “Mother” is in ALL CAPS, however, the base line has been modified so the letters bounce up and down.

Photo of word Day

I am especially pleased with the word “DAY”, as the actual letters are almost exactly the same as the regular “Kindness” Capital Letters. This is all caps, once again the baseline is “bounced”. The “D” is actually higher than it should be. I drew the word with a fine green marker (Instead of a bold marker like we did in lesson #7). I put an additional line in the upright line on the “D” and doodled between the lines. At the tip of each line that swerves to the left, I fattened it up and made it look like a leaf and added a poppy to the top of the “Y”.


After you have gotten your lettering and art “just the way you like it”, it is time to trace it onto your card stock.

Click HERE for the Graphite Transfer Method  if you do not have a light pad.

After tracing the line art onto your card you can color the art in whatever method you prefer. Here I used watercolor pencils and watercolor gel crayons and wet them down with a wet brush to make them brilliant.

For the inside of the card, might we recommend one of the following verses and sentiments. ..

Verse: The Lord has filled my heart with joy. 1 Samuel 2:1
Wishing You Every Joy on Mother’s Day

Verse: This I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more. Philippians 1:9 Wishing you all the love your heart can hold.

Verse: You shall have a song…and gladness of heart. Isaiah 30:29 …for a very special you! Happy Mother’s Day

Verse : The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you. Numbers 6:24-25 May God’s blessings grace every moment of your special day with beauty and happiness. Happy Mother’s Day

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