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FRIXION COLORS Erasable Marker Product Review

“FRIXION COLORS Erasable Markers” may be the answer for people who want reasonably bright colors while retaining the ability to change your mind.

Photo of pens

I only purchased a set of 6 colors, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown and Black, so I did not have a lot to work with, but still managed to make a fair “Rainbow” by mixing the Yellow and Red to make Orange and Pink and Blue to make Purple. The brown I used for shading.

Illustrated Bible Page


“Frixion Color Erasable Markers” are available in sets from 6 – 24 different colors. If you were going to buy them at all I would recommend buying a larger set.


Bible Illustration

The Black was about worthless, as it is at best a medium shade of gray and too fat to use as an outliner. The grey lines on this illustration is what the black marker looks like.

This illustration shows what the art looked like before the colored outlining.

Bible Illustration

This illustration shows what the page looks like WITH fine line black Sharpie outlining.

Bible Illustration

I do not feel the “FRIXION COLORS Erasable Markers” blended very well, but almost had the look of watercolor.

Bible Illustration

This picture is larger than actual size.

When I did use a lighter color to blend or fade out a lighter color all I had to do was wipe the tip with tissue paper or scribble on a scratch pad and even the yellow cleaned right up to use for a solid yellow area again. I did clean the pen tips immediately so the offending color did not have time to totally soak into the nib.

Even though I really scrubbed the colors onto the paper trying to achieve various colors, there was virtually no bleed through. The grey lines you see on the right hand panel is the uncolored illustration on that page.

Illustration showing no bleed through

The Frixion Color Erasable markers Did erase (example below) as long as you have not really scrubbed the color into the paper. The caps have a special rubber eraser on them that causes “Friction” and that is the method the pen uses to erase the color. The colors come up good. The Frixion black does not, in fact it smears. Another reason to not use their black. Also you have to hold the Bible paper firmly because you have to rub briskly to make the “Friction” required.

Illustration showing erasability

I did the 3 illustrations on this post and in that short amount of time, the pens seemed to be drying out. I thought that by today they should have soaked some of the ink back into the nib. They did not. And as you can see from the example above where I showed how well it would erase, the nibs (the felt) seemed to be smushing out . . . I am sure there is a more technical term but I am not sure what it is.

The fact that they are drying out within 24 hours of opening the package is not a good thing in my opinion. .. . Possible an older set of pens.

Examples on this review were done in a HCSB Illustrated Notetakers Teen Bible by Jackie Mattingly.



ERASABLE “MARKERS” which do NOT Bleed on Bible Paper

ERASABLE “GEL PENS” which we have NOT TESTED yet on bible paper

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