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Kids Club #4 “Noah and the Ark”

Hi Kids, Moms and Grandmas, It’s the Weekend again, and that means it’s another fun-filled day at the CBJ KIDS CLUB!

We are very excited you are here with us today. If this is your first time attending a CBJ KIDS CLUB Adventure, you may go to the Previous posts and print those coloring pages as well. (you don’t have to, but we thought you might want to)

Adventure #1 Welcome Party Click for #1
Adventure #2 Creation Click for #2
Adventure #3 Adam & Eve Click for #3

We are on our fourth ADVENTURE here in the CBJ KIDS CLUB… “Noah’s Ark, God Promise To His People”

Just read through this Blog Post, click on the links for the printable downloads, print, color, and read the story in your own bible, if you have one, and have fun on this Adventure. Have your mom take a few pictures of you reading your bible or coloring the pages. Then, when you are finished, she can click this blue link to go to the CBJ’s Facebook KIDS CLUB to post your page/photos and to meet the other kids in the CBJ KIDS CLUB.

We are going to explore Noah’s Adventure both on land & sea!

I have FIVE FUN  fun activities for you to print and color here in this blog post. There is even a video to watch one of the projects being made. You do NOT have to do every single activity in the Noah’s Adventure if you don’t want to. Just pick and choose what is of interest to you. If you spread these out through-out the week, please post as you go if possible, as the more interaction with the others kids and moms/grandmas, the more fun is had by all. Please post them to the Facebook Kids Club thread when you are finished.

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Activity #1, Coloring Pages for Noah & The Ark…

  Noah coloring page 1 Hilary#1 Coloring Page ” Noah’s Animals Two by Two”

Please print out this coloring page by clicking this underlined link Click for “Noah’s Animals Going into the Ark” 

Which animal is your favorite?

Have you seen any of these animals at a zoo or in person?

How do you think the Ark SMELLED with all those animals in a closed boat for over a year?

How do you think the Ark SOUNDED with all those animals?






Noah coloring page 2 Jackie 

#2 Coloring Page ” It Rained 40 Days and 40 Nights” 

Please print out this coloring page by clicking this link Click for Noah’s Animals in the Ark

Please share your thoughts on what Noah might have felt while floating in the ocean for over a year.

Would your faith waiver and doubt creep in your head and heart if you had to wait that long to be rescued?

Would you get sea-sick being on a boat with the rain and waves rocking in the ocean?

If you were a reporter for the “Noah News Station”, what would the main headlines be on the newscast?




Noah coloring page 3 Hilary


#3 Coloring Page “Noah’s Animals Leaving the Ark” 

Please print out this coloring page by clicking this underlined link Click for Noah’s Animals Leaving the Ark

After floating around for over a year, how would you feel finally getting off the boat?

Do you think the animals were happy to be outside again?

What does the Rainbow represent?

When you see a rainbow in the sky, do you think about God and His Promise to us?







WHEN FINISHED… please post your work on our facebook group. CBJ Facebook KIDS CLUB

Activity #2… YOUR BIBLE.
Here are some of the Noah’s Ark pages from the popular Children’s Bibles that our staff and kids have colored.
Noah Keepsake Cindee Noah Inspire Praise Cindee Noah BW Cindee

Please color your Bible Pages for Noah’s Ark, no matter which bible you have, and post in the KIDS CLUB FACEBOOK GROUP.

Activity #3… Stamping Project

Watch this video and then have fun with stamps, whether they are Object stamps like in the video, or more traditional stamps. Share your work in Kids Club.

Activity #4… Bookmark/Tip In Activity
Noah bookmark

 Ms. Hilary has created this piece of artwork for multiple uses, here in Kids Club.  Simply>>Click for printable bookmark to print out.

A) Color, Cut and use as a BOOKMARK.
B) Color, Cut and use as a TIP-IN in the 2″ Margin of your Journaling Bible. (notes below)
C) Use as an example to draw/letter freehand, and use as a Bookmark or Tip-In. (notes below)

Notes for a TIP-IN PROJECT (especially for the teens)
Why use Tip-Ins? Answer: To add additional space for drawing/writing in your bible. Perhaps you don’t have a “journaling” bible, this is a way to add a drawing. Perhaps you have an illustrated bible that already has a picture on that page, you can add a tip-in on top of that. Tip ins can be of any type of paper, vellum, card, photo, etc. To adhere tip ins into the Bible… you can use Washi tape, adhesive or Elmer’s glue, to name a few.Click for TIP-IN PROJECT of STICK PEOPLE for examples and instructions


Activity #5, Coloring Pages of the kids in CBJ KIDS CLUB.

Do you recognize some of these kids in these two coloring pages? Ms. Hilary created these pages for you, to resemble the boys & girls of KIDS CLUB. See if you can tell who is who and share in the Facebook Group.

Click for printable of three boys
Click for Printable of three girls


KC kids coloring page 3 girls


KC kids coloring page 3 boys



We hope you have as much fun doing these activities, as the staff enjoy’s seeing you doing them. Please ask any questions you or your mom might have.

See you back at the threads 🙂

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