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Font Name: “New”

Lettering Lesson
Lettering Lesson
Lettering Lesson
Lettering Lessons

Welcome to the
“CREATE Lettering Lodge”

Have fun with the Genesis “New” Font Today

Just click the “black oblong download buttons” for this 5-Page Lettering Lesson and 3 styles of CBJ printable ruled paper.

Then for the next fonts in this series, scroll farther down the page to see/click on the weekly post links. (CREATE Full-Access Membership required to open past this Genesis “New” Font)


The most important concept in our lettering program is "P-I-E".  "Pencil-Ink-Erase".

Start lettering with a PENCIL. Take your time and 'draw' your letters rather than 'writing' them. Practice each letter multiple times until you are comfortable with the form.

Next, INK over the pencil marks of your best efforts. A good black fineliner is perfect for this. (Prismacolor .03mm pen is my favorite).

And lastly, ERASE the pencil marks, but only after the ink is dry. You will be happy with how clean your handlettering looks after you brush away the eraser crumbs.

"5-Step Approach"

In the CBJ Lettering Lodge we follow a "Five Step Approach" to become completely familiar with each new weekly font. Each step has a download printable for you to work with, which contains lettering tips, so please make sure to download, print and use these printables.

Step #1 - The name of the font is the "focus word" for the first exercise. 

Step #2 - A full alphabet is presented in the second step.  

Step #3 - Style options and refinements will be introduced.

Step #4 - Realistic practice of writing song lyrics, scripture verses, etc. 

Step #5 - The goal... write a scripture verse in your bible.

Most people find one step a day to be a good weekly schedule. By then the style should be familiar and easy to use. 

Lettering Lesson

By clicking on the BLACK/YELLOW BUTTONS, you will receive this 5-page free PDF file to print out on your own printer. The files will print out nice and sharp, even if they may look a bit fuzzy in their small size, here on this website.

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