Photo of DIY Clothes Pin Crucifix

Make your own Clothes Pin Crucifix


Photo of 3 cruficixs

The size of your Crucifix will depend on the size of clothes pins you start with.


photo including 1" clothes pins

Your Crucifix will be a little smaller than 3 times the length of your clothes pins, a 1″ clothes pin will result in a 2 7/8ths inch Crucifix.


Photo of what you need to start with.

The Crucifix that I am using for an example started with clothes pins that are 1 7/8″ resulting in a crucifix 5 1/4″ tall.


The supplies you will need, no matter what size crucifix you are going to make include:

  • 8 clothes pins
  • Wood Glue – Easiest to apply with a tooth pick
  • Protection for your work surface

Optional item:

  • A pop pull tab to use to hang your crucifix



Photo of separating clothes pins.

Separate the wooden sections of the clothes pins, twisting from side to side.


Photo of discarding the metal spring.

Discard the metal spring portion.

Glue together elements:

Photo of glueing pairs

Glue together 5 pairs, side by side.


Making Pairs

5 Pair


Photo of Glue 2 pieces, flat side together for the body.

Glue 2 pieces, flat side together for the body. I also put glue over the little hole that will end up being in the middle of his chest.


Photo of all the pieces.

You should now have: 5 pair of 2 – side by side; 1 pair, flat sides together and 4 singles to use for the arms and legs.

Assembling the cross:

Photo pointing at top edge of the cross.

The top of the cross should be the thin edge of the pair.


Photo showing where the first and second section of the cross butt up together.

The middle section of the cross, the thicker edge glues to the thicker edge of the top section.


Photo of gluing first and second section of cross together.

Lay the two pair of pins together fat end to fat end and glue. They will need to lay in position until the glue is dry.


Photo of the bottom section of the cross.

The thin end of the bottom section of the cross, overlaps the thin section of the middle section.


Photo laying down the bottom section of the cross.

Make sure your overlap of the middle and bottom sections of the cross leaves enough room that the legs have a little room below the feet.


Pointing at thin edge of clothes pin.

For the cross bars of the cross, the thin edge goes to the outside.


Photo of gluing.

Use plenty of glue on the cross bars since that glue also secures the top and middle section of the cross.


Positioning Cross Bars


Positioning Cross Bars

Positioning the body:

Photo of gluing body.

Put adequate glue on the body section.


Photo placing the cross.

Place the head at the center of the cross bars.


Photo pointing at arm joint.

Put glue on the edge of the clothes pin that fits up against the body as well as the back side of the arms.


Positioning of arm.

Make sure arms fit against shoulder and the hands remain over the cross bar.


Photo gluing.

Repeat for placement of second arm.


Positioning Arms

Make sure arms fit against shoulder and the hands remain over the cross bar.


Photo showing positioning legs

Position legs where the fat part of the clothes pin become his hips.


Photo of leg placement

Repeat placement of second leg.


This step “could be” left off if you were going to transport your Crucifix before it would have time to dry, but it definitely makes it look nicer and less likely to break.

Use a paint brush to put a heavy coat of wood glue all over your crucifix.

After your Crucifix has had a chance to dry, use a paint brush to put a heavy coat of wood glue over entire Crucifix.


Photo of crucifix covered in glue.

This coat of wood glue will help reinforce all of the joints. It should be as thick as possible without drips.


Photo of back of crucifix.

After the front has dried (overnight) put a heavy coat of glue on the back. If you want to hang your cross on the wall, you can bend a soda pop pull tab and glue it on the back.


Photo of pull tab

Make sure and use adequate glue on pull tab.


Finished Crucifix

Close up photo of crucifix.

When the thick layer of glue dried it will be slightly shiny and will reinforce the structure of the Crucifix.


Photo of finished crucifix.

Using standard 2-3/4″ clothes pins, the dimension of my finished Crucifix is 8″ tall x 5-3/4″. A very nice size to hang on the wall.