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Points to Ponder from the Prayer Room

by CBJ Prayer Warrior, Lorraine Szontagh

What is prayer? Why do we pray? How do we pray? How should we pray? At its most basic sense, prayer is communicating with God. As believers in the one true God, our prayer is communication and interaction with the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of the universe. That stops me in my tracks. Whom am I to try to communicate with, and ask requests of, the Lord Almighty? How do I approach Him? What do I say?

At CBJ, we are again journaling through the Bible, from cover to cover in 2020. I would like to begin our discussion of prayer in the same way. Let’s look at some prayers recorded in the first books of the Bible.

In the beginning, in the garden, our first ancestors spoke directly to and heard directly from God. Their prayer truly was “face to face” with their Creator! After the fall, things changed, as Adam and Eve felt a need to hide. Do you ever feel that you need to hide? That you cannot approach God or bear to hear His Voice? Just as God called out to them, He calls us too.

We also see in Genesis, Abraham praying to intercede for his nephew, Lot. Later we see Abraham’s servant pray a very specific prayer. Jacob, who was Abraham’s grandson, also prayed. He was in great distress and prayed for safety for his family.

In this series, “Points to Ponder from the Prayer Room”, we will take a look at five kinds of prayer. We can use all five of them, but do we? Stay tuned, exclusively here on the CBJ website.

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