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Scripture Writing – Monthly Plan

November Scripture Writing Plan, from swtblessings.com

Read it, write it, sing it, memorize it, illustrate it,

whatever you do, do it for the Lord, and post to encourage others!


Bible Girl October Scripture Writing Plan

Bible Girl October Scripture Writing Plan



4 thoughts on “Scripture Writing – Monthly Plan

  1. Lori Reeve says:

    Susan, this idea is so simple… yet why didn’t I ever think of it?!!??? I really like how it will help with dwelling on and hiding God’s Word in my heart. I often think of the illustration that I heard years ago about how we are like a sponge. If I throw a sponge against a brick wall that has been soaked in water, well, water will come out. If my heart is soaking in God’s Word, then, when I hit a brick wall, that’s what will come out of my mouth ~ automatically/naturally.

    1. CBJ says:

      Lori, what a great illustration! We will have to illustrate a brick wall and a watery sponge!!

  2. CBJ says:

    An Example of Day #1, Psalm 119:1-3, Susan
    Psalm 119:1-3

    1. CBJ says:

      Day #1, Psalm 119:1-3, “Word Clues”, Susan
      Psalm 119:1-3

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