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CBJ Facebook Groupies… Share Your Heart Today!

This space is for YOU, the Facebook Groupies of CBJ. This blog is where all our resources are. The Facebook Group is where all the fun happens. We are a group of 900 ladies (would love to have some gents join us too) who share all things Bible Journaling in a fun venue on Facebook. We not only share our ART with each other, we share our HEART also. I would love for all of us to comment below and  finish a few of these sentences.


   >>what it means to me?

   >>what it’s doing for me?

   >>how God is revealing himself to me?

   >>how it has changed my bible study?

(The first time you comment here at the CBJ Website, you will need to subscribe with your name and email address, and then for your firsts comment, I have to approve your comment. After that you can post anytime, anywhere.)