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Here on the CBJ Resource Blog, we have nicely organized “aisles of ads” that you can do your “comparison shopping” and then order right from our site to Amazon. And when you click one of our ads to get to their site, we will earn a 5% bonus on your entire purchase, at no extra cost to you. 🙂
AMAZON SHOPPING… A Win/Win Shopping Experience Click for Amazon’s a WIN/WIN

The Supply Station still needs their shelves filled with a few more products, but go ahead and see what marvelous deals are happening right now.

Illustrated   Click for Illustrated Bibles
Large Print Click for Large Print Bibles
Children’s  Click for Children’s Bibles
“Journal The Word” NIV, KJV, nKJV Click for Journal The Word Bibles
Catholic Bibles Click for Catholic Bibles

Colored Pencils Click for Colored Pencils
Pens for Journaling Click for Pens
Stamps Click for Stamps
Stencils Click for Stencils
Light Tracing Pads Click for Light Tracing Pads

I will be back later today with the Pens/Pencils and other fun supplies.


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