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Welcome to the CBJ program: "The Book of..."  series!

This series will give you the wide variety of Creative Bible Journaling's activities for each book of the bible, rolled out one book at a time. Simply click on the "Books of Bible" drop down menu bar to make your selection.  And then click on the rectangular "Enter Activity" button below each project to go directly to its web page. You will find full instructions, examples and download printables for these specific projects.

No membership is necessary to view any and all projects here on the CBJ website. If you find you can't open a link, please email susan at and she will fix the link for you.

Coming Soon

Activities for Joshua
VideoBook by Ivy Brog COMING SOON
Art Collection Coloring Page
Clip Art Elements by Jackie
Lettering Lesson by Debbie
Drawing Lesson by Debbie
Hymnal Journaling
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Art Collection
Coloring Page

Released Feb 8, 2021

Elements Joshua

Clip Art

Released Feb 8, 2021

Lettering Lesson

Lettering Lesson
“Courage” Font

Released Feb 8, 2021

Drawing Lesson

Drawing Lesson
“Stony Path”

Released Feb 8, 2021

Book of Joshua HH

Hymn & History
“Standing on
the Promises”

Released Feb 8, 2021

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