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Magic Puffy Pens Can Give Your Pages “The Warm Fuzzies” – Product Review

Magic Puffy Pens Can Give Your Bible Journaling Pages “The Warm Fuzzies”

Unlike the 3 dimensional “puff” paint, that has been around for years, which has a plastic look after heating, the Magic Puffy Pens go on thin with a soft look and feel. The more heat you apply, the puffier it gets… if you are not careful, will almost explode with the look and feel of a design on a Chenille Bed Spread. Hmm, that description is almost worth a Face Book post saying, “Are you old enough to remember Chenille Bed Spreads?” ~ Jackie Mattingly



Condensed version of product review



I traced stencil using a pencil.



I outlined over pencil with Pit Pen


Filled in pen lines with the Magic Puffy Pens. . . You have to hold pens straight up and down, and start on a piece of scratch paper, but once they start flowing, the paint goes on thin and smooth and blends easily.


You don’t even have to let the paint dry before using a hair dryer to activate the paint. You should practice on a piece of scratch paper to determine how close and how long, your particular hair dryer takes to make the paint rise.


The longer you leave the heat on the paint, the more fluffy it will become. I stopped here before it got to fluffy so that the pressure of Bible pages would flatten it back down . . . However it remains thick and soft.

th-1 th-1

I give The Magic Puffy Pens 2 Thumbs Up

The Magic Puffy Pens would have gotten three Thumbs Up, but you probably want to use some gesso on the page, or put down some product, even colored pencils, under the area that you plan on using the puffy pens, to cut down on minor ghosting of color, not bad enough to call bleed through.


You are really going to love Your Magic Puffy Pens !

They would be FABULOUS for using on Christmas Present Tags !


Here is an example of the Magic Puff Pens used on a Family Name Word Cloud Pumpkin we made for Susan. My name “Jackie” is using the Magic Puffy Pens. Click HERE to see the tutorial !





9 thoughts on “Magic Puffy Pens Can Give Your Pages “The Warm Fuzzies” – Product Review

  1. Sherry says:

    I Am SO Putting These On My Want From Hubby List Lol.. I Think I Can Grow To Love These .. Will Post When I Do A Project With It..

  2. Amy says:

    I didn’t have the puff pens this go round. I did do the project in regular gel pens for fun. However I do plan on getting the puff pens. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Shannon Linde says:

    I am so excited to try these! Just ordered mine! 🙂

    1. CBJ says:

      Shannon, I’m thrilled you ordered the Puffy Pens. Please come back and share your art with the Puffy Pens. 🙂

  4. JoAnna Goodman says:

    Wonderful tutorial!

    1. CBJ says:

      JoAnna, thanks, Jackie thought up and did this project/photos all her own. Im very thankful that she has tons of ideas and creativity.

    2. CBJ says:

      Thanks JoAnna! Jackie did a great job with this post and with the product. Now we can have FUN.

  5. Kendra says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you! I will have to get some (and hope my kids don’t snatch them lol) God bless you!

    1. CBJ says:

      Kendra, Im thrilled you like this project! We will have lots of fun with these pens, thats for sure! Jackie has the Magic Puffy Pens and I have on order, from Amazon, the Popcorn Puffy Paint Pens. (by the way, anything the group orders from Amazon through our site, we get a small bonus for providing a link to their products, to support our ministry on the web, no pressure, just letting everyone know) stay tuned for the “Puffy Pen Project” later this month.

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