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January 1, 2020 started our journey in the OLD TESTAMENT and all Activities are FREE for the book of GENESIS

August 3rd starts our journey in the NEW TESTAMENT and all CBJ Activities are FREE for the book of MATTHEW

Most of the activities are ready for you to explore, by clicking the yellow/black buttons in their white boxes.
A few are “under construction”. They will be up in the next couple of days.

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Treasury Of Custom Art

(Under Construction as of 8/3)
CBJ’s “Treasury
of Custom Art”
by artist Jackie Mattingly
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Two Activities

Scripture Writing

Scripture Writing

Daily Verse Planner with Download Stationery

Verse Mapping

c2c Verse Mappings

Weekly Verses, With
Instructions & Formats

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Clip Art Elements

Using Jackie’s custom artwork, available in Digital Download, you can easily add her delightful Elements to any bible. Great for tracing or tip-ins.

Coloring Collection

Coloring Hilary’s spectacular full page art, available as Digital Printables, you can easily add these images to every book of your bible.

Lettering Lessons

Learning a new lettering style each week is simple and satisfying with Debbie’s unique teaching methods. Try your hand at handlettering today.

Drawing Lessons

Following Debbie’s step-by-step tutorials, you will be amazed at the drawings you create! You can include your drawing in your bible each week.

Hymn & History

Hymns & History

Hymnal Journaling experience. Meet the authors, read the lyrics, learn the history and watch a video of traditional hymns of the church, while decorating in your hymn book.

Books of
the Bible


Watch Ivy Brog’s Narrative Videos as she highlights the happenings of each book of the bible. (publishing of these videos is delayed. Check back often.

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