One Page of Elements for Four Stories in Genesis!

Creativity is the name of the game with the CBJ CLIP ART ELEMENTS! Whether you TRACE it in, or TIP it in… add these elements to your bible pages to add boldness to God’s Word!

Okay, if you have ever said “I can’t do that….” then THIS is the activity for you. We GIVE you the artwork in the form of a download printable. Just print and then your choice of adding that paper to your bible, or trace it with a light tracing pad (Amazon ad is at the bottom for the best inexpensive tracing pad). Either way, working with CBJ Clip Art Elements is the easiest way to get images in your bible. So, be bold and have fun!

And this week we are adding a bonus element for Genesis!

Simply right click on the image and save if you have Windows computer, or drag and drop to your desktop if you use a Mac. Note: what you will download is a hi resolution jpeg that you will have to resize to fit your Bible. This is new to the CBJ website.

The Wonky Tower of Babel

Black and white or color, this fun rendition of the Tower of Babel will be a delightfull addition to your Journaling of the Book of Genesis.

Tower of Babel example.

Jill’s example – I wrote out the story, then copied Jackie’s tower onto clear sticker paper and adhered it into my Interleaved Bible.

Marla's tower of babel

Created by Marla, using the bonus Elements for Genesis

Please read and download the Activity Sheet below, with all the instructions for this activity.
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I have included Amazon ads at the bottom of this post for graph paper and graph notebooks that you may like to use for this activity.
Genesis 1 7 400
Tipped-In “In the Beginning” and Traced-In Big chunky numbers
Noah's Ark 400

Traced-In: Noah’s Ark Marginal Art

Josephs Coat Tip In_400

Traced-In: Joseph’s Coat

In The Beginning Double Truck 400

Traced-In: In the Beginning. Note the Big numbers for the Day’s of Creation

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