“Have you ever saved a four-leaf clover in the pages of your bible? Well, this project is going to use dried flowers and leaves ON your bible page in a permanent way!” – Susan

End of summer is here and it’s critical to press flowers before the snow falls (of course not all of you deal with below freezing winters!) Choose thin, small flowers and leaves to press inside the pages of that unused phone book. Leave under weights for a few days and then carefully remove flowers (a craft spatula works great) to use for this bible project,


PROTECT: Put a craft matt or protective paper underneath the bible page you are going to work on.

flower wax paper

Protecting bible with Wax Paper

PREPARE: Arrange your flowers/leaves as you would like them on your page. Do not stack too many layers on top of each other. Remove the layers in the exact order they went down, so you can apply them in the reverse order.

Flowers Arranged

Arrange Flowers Like You Want Them

flower layers

Remove flowers one layer at a time in reverse order.









MODGE PODGE: Paint a few thin coats of Modge Podge on your paper. Carefully place the bottom layer of flowers/leaves and then paint a thin coat of Modge Podge to completely cover every petal or leaf tip. Repeat until all layers are completely coated.

flowers modge podge

Apply thin coat of Modge Podge

Modge Podge, "Matt" Finish

Modge Podge, “Matt” Finish

















DRY: Leave your bible open over night and then when totally dry, put a piece of wax paper or other material on the page and then close tightly for a few days to stretch out minor wrinkles

Flowers Dry Bible

Let Modge Podge dry over night, until totally dry.


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