We have created a page of doodle art Bibles for you. You can print them and make color charts for different brands of pens, pencils and other art mediums.

Member Ann Gillaspie says today, October 23, 2017, “I love the charts! It helps me know what colors I have so I don’t get the same color when shopping to fill in my color palette. It’s also just nice to look at and see what colors I have to use on any given project and test out how well they will blend or how they will look together.”

Color Doodle Chart

Doodle Bible Page for making a color chart from your favorite mediums.

Click Here for a PDF to print.

These pages can be used in a number of ways.

The primary purpose is to make color charts of your colored pencils, watercolors, and other mediums. You can put in a 3 ring binder along with your lettering homework and other free printables.

Another excellent use, put blank color charts on a clip board and go to a craft or art supply store. While there you can make a chart of ALL the colors and brands available (make sure and write the color name and number under each example.) That way, you can take the color chart home and then decide if you need supplies that are slightly different shades or colors.

You can arrange your colors in a number of ways.

  • In the color spectrum (Rainbow – Pinks, Magentas, Reds, Purples, Blues, Greens, Yellows, Oranges,) Followed by all flesh tones, then browns, greys, black and metalics.
  • Brights; Darks; Pastels; etc.
  • There is no right or wrong order.

The doodle lines under each Bible can be used as a place to write the color name or number, practicing tracing the doodles and all of a sudden you may find yourself using them to underline or highlight your Bible verses . . . they are easy once you get use to doing them.

Here is an example using Prismacolor pencils.

Prisma Color Pencil Color Chart Example

Prisma Color Pencil Color Chart Example

While you can use this color chart any way you wish (like we are watching over your shoulder or something), what I did was:

  • Color the cover of the Bibles as solid and dark as the medium is designed.
  • Practice shading on the Bible pages.
  • Mix and match your colors on the underlining doodles.

What I found after doing my chart was:

  • I could barely tell the difference in PC 924 and PC 925 (First row, Bibles 1 and 2)  or PC 902 and PC 903 (Row 3, Bibles 1 and 2) There is a difference but you not enough to buy both.
  • The color of the pencil of PC 908 (4th row second Bible) was not near as green as it came out on the chart . . . threw the rainbow off, but I left it in as is as a reminder.

Here is another example of the Doodle Bible Color Chart using Casemate Fashion Gel Pens.

Casemate Fashion Gel Pen Color Chart

Casemate Fashion Gel Pen Color Chart

Susan and I hope you find the Doodle Bible Color Charts a useful tool for your Bible Journaling and other artistic endeavors.

Jackie Mattingly