Spice Up Your Bible Verse Highlighting By Adding “In-Line” Art

Note: These examples of “In-Line” Art are all done with various brands of colored pencils, outlined with fine Sharpie markers or .05 Micron Pens, with the intent of making sure the text is still readable.

Example of In-Line Art

Inspired by Drawing Room Lesson “Hourglass”

Once you have the basics of highlighting Bible verses under your belt, you can expand on those principles by adding “In-Line” or “In-Column” Art to your Bible Journaling.

Example of In-line Art for Bible Journaling.

His confidence is severed, and his trust is a spiders Web.

Highlighting Bible Verses does not have to be limited to adding color over the text or simply outlining around the words you want highlighted.

Keep me the apple of your eye,

You can use this same technique to embellish narrow margin Bibles, your regular study or note taking Bibles without making the text unreadable.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.

You can pull the theme of the rest of the art you have put on the page to add smaller details around your verse.

This example was inspired by the drawing room lesson “Anchors

Three ways of celebrating a verse.

Here I have 3 different ways to journal or embellish the same verse. 1) I put a full page of art into my interleaved Bible with the Bible verse at the bottom of the page. 2) The interleaved Bibles have a medium narrow margin, so I broke the verse down to the least you could say, to celebrate the verse, incorporating an anchor into the swash of the last letter. 3) And I highlighted the verse by making a loose rope border around the verse and incorporating an anchor into the rope border, positioning the anchor where it covered the least amount of text.

This art was inspired be the Tip-In project “Glorious Angels”

Full page art in Interleaved Bible of #Psalm 91:11

Full page art in Interleaved Bible of #Psalm 91:11

I started out with the round tip-in boarder from “Glorious Angels” with the three angels. I used the “Graphite Transfer Method” to draw the round border with the angels onto the blank page. If you are not familiar with that method of getting art and lettering directly into your Bible, I would highly recommend you click on the link, which will open in a separate widow and familiarize yourself with this simple method.

For the “In-Line” art, highlighting the verse, I copied the two smaller angels, one on each side of the verse and made a border around the verse using the same roses and leaves I used for the simple dangles on the art on the opposite page.

If I had not done the full page art, the “In-Line” art would have been nice on it’s own.

This is also a fine example of using the tip in art for inspiration and making it your own.

Example of using components from your Tip-In or Margin art for Highlighting the verse.

Example of using components from your Tip-In or Margin art for Highlighting the verse.

Depending on the layout of your Bible, there is often plenty of room for in-line art, especially in Psalms and Proverbs.

#Psalm 27 - Example of in-line art in Bible journaling

Psalm 27