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I know you are going to enjoy making words with this lettering style. It’s clean, crisp and bold in a “peaceful” sort of way.

The “thick line” of this style is so versatile, it can be filled in with pencil, brush pens, watercolors or just left white. You can also fill in with patterns such as stripes, polka dots, giraffe spots, or textures.

The Vertical version makes me think of a Christmas banner hanging on the outside of the door, for some reason. ~ Susan

Monday’s Assignment

Watch the video and follow along, doing the assignment with me. It’s a 10 minute video, so the whole assignment should only take 20 minutes.

Each of the letters have a THICK line which can be filled in or left blank, a SWIRL on one end of the letter, and four DOTS from the top or bottom.


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Book "Lettering"     Tracing Light Pad

This Lettering Style that we are doing this weekend, was inspired by one in this “Lettering For Scrapbooks & Cards” book by Kathleen Vandiver.

A thin Light Tracing Pad, pictured above, is wonderful if your are interested in easily tracing any typestyle or line art that you print out from your computer to put into your bible. (the surface is NOT purple, but actually WHITE, it’s just how the picture shows it.)

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