Day#5 “Faith, Hope, Love… In your Bible”

Okay, this is the “real deal” folks, today is the day!! The day you actually put this week’s work IN YOUR BIBLES! Are you ready for this?

Hope Bible with edge

The obvious choice to put “Faith, Hope, Love” is 1 Corinthians 13:13. You can put this on the margin of any page you want, on any bible you have, and if you don’t have a wide margin bible, you can do this on paper and then tape it in your bible like a “tip-in”. I used my Inspire Bible, and put it on the page where 1 Corinthians 13 just starts, because  the “right page” is already taken. That’s okay by me, no biggie.

Step #1, download the PDF if you want.

Step #2, mark the size/shape of where you are going to put it, on your practice paper.

Step #3, practice writing “Faith” in the Faith Font, then “Hope” in the Hope Font and “Love” in the Love Font. 

Step #4, now using pencil, draw your letters in your bible. (see my photo below)

Step #5, use a fine liner to outline the Letters. (see my photos below)

Step #6, Optional embellishing… Fill in the openings of the letters with Colored Pencil. Draw hearts or flowers or use stickers between the three words. Carefully apply Washi Tape to the outer edge. (if you haven’t done this before and would like to, please ASK before you do the washi tape, please. (See my photos below).

Hope Bible Sketch

Click for Free Download Printable – Faith, Hope, Love in Bible

Hope Bible Sketch

While watching your practice page, pencil in your bible page

Hope Bible with edge

Notice the Washi Tape on the side of the page compliments the printed edging.

Hope Bible finished cropped

Finished page, notice the Washi Tape on the edge of the page.


Day#4 “Faith, Hope, Love”

The process repeats itself… watch the videos and write the word. This time you will add two other lettering styles, Faith & Love, from previously classes.

Faith Hope Love Lettering

Click for Free Download Printable – Faith, Hope, Love


Day #3 “Hope” Names

Hope Names is today’s Lettering Assignment. What is the most common word you write… YOUR NAME, as well as your family names. So, today, you are on your own, no lined paper, no tracing, just HAVE FUN & BE CREATIVE with today’s assignment. As always you can view the tutorial video at the bottom of this post.

And please share your work on the LETTER WALL. (if you don’t feel comfortable sharing the names of your family, pick your friend’s names)

Hope Names

Day #2 “Hope” Alphabet

Hope Alphabet is today’s Lettering Assignment. We will be doing all 26 letters, upper and lower case for Day #2. There is not a new video for this, but photos and Free Download Printables, both of the alphabet and of plain lined paper!

Practice doing the alphabet in “letter shape order”. Which means it’s not the tradition “abc”, but all the round, curved and oval shaped letters first. Then the straight lined letters next. You will find that your eye/hand coordination can get “used to” doing the round letters all together, and then all the straight ones. Pretty cool huh?

I have including both the Alphabet and plain lined paper for the download printables, so you will have plenty of paper to practice the alphabet for Day #2. Of course, you can use your own paper as well.

If you would like to review the video from Day #1, it’s farther down in this post. And under the video is Day #1’s assignment. (I will just keep adding the next days work on the top of this same post)


Hope Alpha jpg

Click for Free Download Printable – “Hope” Full Alphabet

Writing Paper jpg

Click for Free Download Printable – LINED PAPER


Day #1

This is the CBJ “classroom” where you will come to do your Lettering Lessons each day. Then take them back to the CBJ Facebook group to share on the “LETTERING WORK” Post.

If you would like to review the video from Day #1, it’s lower in this post.


Day #1 Watch the video and follow along, doing the assignment with me. It’s a 6 minute video, so the whole assignment will probably take 20 minutes.

Click for Free Download Printable – “Hope” Lettering Style