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Lettering Workshop “Kindness”




DAY #1…
If you have a printer available, please Download PDF File and print before doing lesson. If not, just use lined paper.


Kindness LINED PAPER jpg

Click for Free Printable “kindness” font

Stay tuned for Day #2 on Tuesday


DAY #2…

Again, there are free download printable PDF’s ready to print out and use.

Click for Kindness Alpha Worksheet #1

Click for Kindness Alpha worksheet #2

Click for Unlined Lettering Paper

Kindness alpha 1 jpgKindness alpha 2 jpg
lined PAPER pg




DAY #3…

(If you haven’t done DAY #1 and #2, please skip to the top of this post and work your way down through the days for this WEEK of Lettering Exercises)

Again, there are free download printable PDF’s ready to print out and use. 


Then post your work over at the “homeroom Facebook page” by clicking here >> 

1 Bold Outline Step 1 jpg1 Bold Outline Step 2 jpg1 Bold Outline Step 3 jpg1 Bold Outline Step Word Art jpg

Click for Step 1 of Bold Outline

Click for Step 2 of Bold Outline

Click for Step 3 of Bold Outline

Click for Word Art of Bold Outline





8 thoughts on “Lettering Workshop “Kindness”

  1. Lee Ann Simpson says:

    I like this font. What font did you say it was inspired by that we can download? I can not hear it very well on the video. Thank you!

    1. CBJ says:

      Hi Lee Ann, “Mathilde” is the original font. You can download it from dafont.com free for personal use. I’m glad you like the font, have you written out the word “Kindness” yet? Next up is the other 20 letters. Stay tuned

      1. Lee Ann Simpson says:

        Thank you! Yes, I just posted my page of the word Kindness on the Facebook group.

        1. CBJ says:

          Yes, our messages got “crossed in the mail”, so to speak! Another video to come, as soon as I get it edited!

    1. CBJ says:

      Thanks Jody! Next up… ALPHABET!

  2. Tracy says:

    That’s so neat.

    1. CBJ says:

      Tracy, Glad you like Day #1 lesson with the Kindness Font. Were you able to download the free printable and practice the word “kindness”? Stay tuned for Day #2 coming soon

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