There are multiple ways to highlight Bible Verses, Let’s get Creative!

Let’s face it, we spend most of our journaling time on very creative illustrations/graphics/images and even hand lettering, but when it comes to highlighting the bible verses, there isn’t much creative instruction out there to change things up. Until now, that is.


When highlighting Bible verses you need to take into consideration the following:

  • Always test new products in an inconspicuous area near the back to determine if they are going to smear the type, or bleed through the paper.
  • The age of your Bibles may determine the different mediums that work well for you, since the ink in older Bibles will not smear like the ink in new Bibles, if you are using a hard core colored pencil.
  • Transparent Gel Crayons that are creamy and transparent, that let the print shine through, usually work well, but some brands literally melt and smear the type in freshly printed Bibles.
  • Products that have glitter or are metallic are usually hard to read through.

Please watch this quick 30 second tutorial video of the “Casual 45* Angle Technique” and then browse through the variety of photos below to get ideas for your highlighting weekend!

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“Casual 45* Angle Technique” + “Doodle Embellishments”

Psalms 98 45* Angle

Casual 45* Angle Technique + Doodle, Psalms 98


Photo illustrating adding a small doodle

Casual 45* Angle Technique + Simple Doodle


Photo showing simple doodles

Casual 45* Angle Technique + Flower Doodle


Photo showing a doodle of a spider.

Casual 45* Angle Technique + Doodle. You can always add small doodles to illustrate the verse without doing full tilt artwork.


You can produce blends and fades with various mediums to add interest. Please click on this link to learn the basics of Blending Colored Pencils Click here to go to article “Blending with Colored Pencils”


A rainbow fade u

A rainbow fade, using Gel Highlighters, then baby wipe to blend, then a paper towel to burnish the “tackiness” off of the page.


Photo illustraiting color fades behind verses.

Blended highlights with Colored Pencils + Doodles


Photo illustrating leaving the paper behind the verse white.

Reverse Highlighting, You can highlight a verse by coloring AROUND the verse, so the words stand on their own. This works particularly well in Red Letter Bibles where coloring over the words can make them hard to read.

“Combining highlights with page artwork”


You can bring other elements of art from the page into your highlight border design. (Joan Fudala)


“Arrows & Pointers”  

For an easy way to transfer images  and get the free printable … Click for the “Graphite Transfer Method”


Pointers, using the "Graphite Method" from the website.

Pointers, using the “Graphite Method” from the website.


Photo showing the use of pointers

Pointer with Sign that has the verse written on it.


“Embellish the Book/Chapter Name”

Chapter Embellish Psalms-98

You can highlight the Chapter as well as the verse since there is usually a little extra room around the Chapter number where you can put a little doodle.


Verse Chapter Headings

Highlight the Chapter Name and Number


“Kicking it up a notch”… a blast of bold artwork!

Adding a blast of color to your verses.

You can add a blast of color to your verses by jumping in with art and enthusiasm and bring maximum attention to the verse you want to emphasize.

For Additional Examples of using “In-Line Art” for highlighting Bible verses.

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